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I am a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Information Technology, Queensland University of Technology. My research background is in 3D computer graphics, games technology, information visualisation, new media art, image processing, pattern recognition and their applications.

I now focus my research efforts on visualisation and simulation (via games technology), applied to the area of Business Process Management. I am the leader of a new research theme within the Faculty of IT at QUT, called Business Process Management Virtual Envrionments (BPMVE).

Business Process Management Virtual Environments (BPMVE)


In recent years the explosion of computer games and other forms of interactive entertainment has made multimedia content-rich social environments an integral part of the way we interact with computers. 3D is now used at the lowest level of modern operating system interfaces, such as VISTA WPF, MAC OS Quartz and Linux Beryl. Entire 3D interactive environments such as Second Life and World of Warcraft are now feasible on entry level desktop machines. This makes it possible to design, implement and roll out virtual environment software across an entire enterprise.

Put that together with the interesting statistic showing the average age of gamers in the thirties (management level), and you have the potential to see this technolgoy applied to business applications on modern PCs and network, because people are now so used to it on their game consoles.


The thesis of this research is that the confluence of such technologies and business needs will open up new ways of interacting with business process systems, benefitting the bottom line of a company.

We are developing the following research projects:

The web domain will contain further information about BPMVE - at present it points to this page.

I also blog about Business Process Management Visualisation Environments at my BPMVE Blog.

Any students interested in Honours, Masters or PhD projects in BPMVE should contact me at the address shown at the bottom of this website.


I coordinate the Software Technologies (SOT) Major within the Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment - IT04, and the Bachelor of Information Technology - IT22.

I coordinate the following units:

For information regarding the above units and courses, refer to the entries in the QUT Handbook, and the Blackboard.


A link to EPrints at QUT is here.

My Address

Ross Brown
BComp(Hons) La Trobe, Bendigo PhD QUT
Senior Lecturer
Games Software Technologies Coordinator
BPMVE Research Leader
BPM Research Cluster Member
Faculty of Information Technology
Queensland University of Technology
126 Margaret St
GPO Box 2434
Brisbane, Qld, 4001
Phone : +61 7 3138 9331
Fax : +61 7 3138 9390